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Our Why

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3XLKicks is a company derived out of adversity. It started as a childhood challenge to find the right size shoes, when your size is beyond limited. 3XLKicks started as an affiliate site to be a centralized location for all fresh kicks size 13-21. With having limited control on stock due to being an affiliate company, 3XLkicks is currently happy to announce the new phase for our company. 3XLKicks direct, where we are your direct source for your size. 3XLKicks Direct will now be shipping products directly from our office in Dallas TX. This will allow us to provide better customer service, better style selection, discounts, promotional offers, and exclusive membership products, and the room to do more.

Our Mission

Big Expectations

Derived out of adversity, 3XLKicks is overarching mission is to become the #1 destination for kicks size 13 -21. 3XLKicks is focused on three rocks, Selection, Availability, & Health. Selection for size 13-21 is limited, within our journey to become the #1 destination for kicks size 13 -21, our rock is to offer the best style and best selection across any retail platform for size 13 -21 men's shoes. Availability runs tandem to our selection rock. Making sure that not only do we have the selection and styles in place that is preferred, but that it is available for customers to purchase consistently. Our third rock is Health. Our mission is to make sure that awareness through out the market about wearing the right size shoes, is very important for physical and mental well being.

3XLKicks Promise

Customer Service

Transparency & engagement when you need it.

Authentic Products

We don't take shortcuts for profit, everything we offer is 100% Authentic.

Carbon Nuetral

Watching our carbon footprint, and making sure we give more than what we take.


We are here for the long term, bring consistency for a market that is underserved.